Editorial Principles

With the online gaming spaces saturated with both the good and bad websites, picking the best ones becomes difficult sometimes. No doubt, new players find it each time more difficult to choose the right online gaming site to play on.

However, amid this confusion, that is where we come in. We understand that players rely on our reviews to pick their favourite gaming platforms. Based on that, our research and study are done with the players in mind.

    Customer focus

    Usually, our focus starts from what ordinary online players would expect when they visit an online platform for the first time. What’s more, highlighting the positive and negative sides of gaming at a particular online platform helps beginners know which to pick. Some of the criteria that we consider important to enjoy satisfactory online gaming are:

    • Site Security: An online gaming website that is poorly protected should be avoided. The best protection for online gaming sites is offered by firewalls and SSL encryption technology. With these forms of protection, your data is safe at an online casino. Don’t forget that online gaming sites usually request data that may be private. Aside from that, transactions from your bank could be compromised if the online gaming platform is not safe.
    • Game Catalog: Whether it’s an online casino or sportsbook, the game catalogue should be accommodating. It’s fun to play on a gaming platform with more games. Also, it provides more winning chances if their game catalogue or library is huge.
    • Live Betting: Sportsbooks that offer live betting are considered more fun to play because you can change your bet as the game is on. Also, online casinos that provide live casinos are more fun because the experience is like gaming at a brick-and-mortar casino.
    • Payment Methods: Have you noticed that some online payment methods are faster than others? Besides, the safety of the online gaming platform payment methods are also considered in our reviews
    • Bonuses and Promotions: What’s the fun if an online gaming site offers little or no promotions? We encourage our players to sign up with online platforms that offer more bonuses and promotions. Mind you, some bonuses and promotions are sham. We would also let you know the genuine bonuses and promotions.

    In addition, the online platform’s compatibility with mobile devices is also considered. Not to mention, the performance of their customer service among others are the criteria we use to rate online gaming platforms.

    Clear and accurate Information

    Without mincing words, we ensure that all the data about a gaming website are clear and accurate. Our reviews and comments are data-driven.

    We also ensure that our expert’s opinion gets to the users too. Furthermore, to ensure that we are accurate, we provide screenshots to prove whatever comment or opinion our experts might have offered.

    However, to ensure that our data is accurate, we also link them to references that were made in the course of carrying out the reviews. Meanwhile, we don’t patronize fake and unreliable sources.

    Transparent and independent 

    Most often, we prefer to review the online gaming website first hand than to gather information from a third-party website no matter how reliable. Nowadays, most review websites don’t get their information from the primary website. They rely on third-party sources that are mostly written by amateurs.

    Importantly, we are not paid by online gaming operators to write reviews about their gaming sites. Our reviews are done independently to help our users make the right choices. Nevertheless, we get a commission if you register at an online casino through our link. This is known as affiliate marketing.

    Therefore, the independence we enjoy allows us to dish out competent and transparent reviews.


    Our editorial team works tirelessly to ensure that our users get the best from our reviews. More so, the contents on our websites are provided to guide you in making the right online gaming choices.

    We value the trust our users have in us. So our editorial team collaborates with our experts to provide the best data-driven analysis of online gambling platforms on our website. Finally, you can be sure that our team focuses on the player’s interest more than the online gaming operator’s.

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