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We welcome you to! We have made it our goal to collect all the important information about the world of the online gambling market and make it available to you here. There are already a number of online casinos out there and it seems like new ones are being added all the time. Almost every week a new internet casino opens its virtual doors and attracts gambling enthusiasts with great highlights and bonus offers.

    Nowadays all you need to play in an online casino is a smartphone with internet access. All cellular operators offer cheap unlimited internet packs, so having access to the internet is no longer a problem. But how do you make deposits at a casino?

    All you need to do is select a mobile payment method in the banking section and make the deposit with just a few clicks using your smartphone. Discover more possibilities below and play at casinos that offer this option!
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    How Pay By Phone Casinos Work

    Pay By Phone CasinosPaying by phone at an online casino does not have to be too complicated. In fact, it’s one of the easiest and most convenient options you can rely on. How does it work exactly?

    • Check with your telephone operator the conditions of the payment service in online casinos by means of a telephone bill.
    • Pay with your home phone bill: Some online casinos allow payment with your home phone bill. In that case, the amount is credited to your monthly phone bill.
    • Pay with your mobile phone bill: It works similarly to your home phone bill.
    • Pay with prepaid mobiles: If your mobile phone rate is prepaid, the amount will be deducted from the balance.
    • Pay with your phone using Payforit, Pugglepay, Boku, SIRU: These are several of payment methods and apps that allow you to pay with your phone.

    How To Make A Deposit At A Pay By Phone Casino

    Let’s assume that you are on the go and would love to let the reels spin on a slot at the chosen online casino. If you play on your mobile and are on the move, depositing with a credit card or debit card can be a bit difficult, because you might not always carry these cards with you. If you don’t have the cards with you, you can’t play in the casino (unless you’re a fan of e-wallets but that’s a different story).

    Of course, if there is the option to pay by phone, then that of course avoids a lot of headaches and lets you just go about your game. Paying via phone bill saves the hassle of remembering numbers and other financial details. Basically, all you need to do is have your phone and just do the following:

    • Go to the banking section of your mobile casino
    • Select the “Pay By Phone” option
    • Enter an amount
    • Enter your mobile phone number
    • Confirm the payment

    Once you have made the payment, you will receive confirmation of the transaction. The advantage of paying via the phone bill is that you do not have to give out any personal information and only need to provide your telephone number. There is no such thing like too much security and Pay By Phone casinos ensure that’s nothing but true.

    How do you find that? We believe it’s ultra-convenient and absolutely needed for a modern day gambler. No one wants to waste time and lose nerves on casino payment processes and Pay By Phone casinos seem to have found a great solution to it! We couldn’t be more grateful about it!

    How To Request Withdrawals Using Pay By Phone Methods

    Withdrawals Using Pay By Phone MethodsJust as it is easy to make a deposit using our phone, the issue of withdrawals is somewhat more complicated. At the moment, no casino that we know of allows us to make a withdrawal directly to our phone.

    Even if it were possible, it should be noted that it would not be a very desirable way to charge; In the same way that deposits are added to our telephone bill, any withdrawal can only be processed in the same way, which means that we would be paid in telephone credit. Although we would all be delighted to get a discount on our mobile bill, most casino players expect to have a few more options when it comes to withdrawing their funds.

    As we cannot use the Pay By Phone payment service to withdraw money, we will have to choose an alternative withdrawal method. It is possible to make withdrawals by credit or debit card, or by bank transfer. If you don’t want to send any financial information to the casino, the last option is to request a withdrawal by check – but you will have to wait for that check to be processed and sent, which can take a couple of weeks.

    You will also have another wait of up to five business days for the payment to be effective in your account once you have deposited it, so you should take into account the possibility of a substantial delay if you choose this payment method. Consider e-wallets and other instant payment methods for this purpose.

    Advantages Of Pay By Phone Casinos

    Advantages Of Pay By Phone CasinosIf you are now wondering what the advantages are, we will be happy to explain to you and there are plenty of them:

    • Paying by phone is quick and easy. So you don’t have to spend hours looking for your credit card in your purse and making a deposit with just a few simple clicks.
    • Another big advantage of this payment method is security, because no other personal data is given out here apart from the telephone number. The amount you deposit will be deducted from your next phone bill.
    • With this payment method you can keep track of your expenses and make sure that you don’t go over budget. You can even set a limit here, a certain amount per day or month, so that you never lose control of your money.
    • Another advantage here is that you save a lot of time. Because you don’t have to look for your credit card first. Depositing via phone is quick and easy and the amount you have chosen is immediately displayed in your account.

    So if you are thinking of trying any phone payment option at the online casino, we can only recommend it. However, not all online casinos offer this payment method. We believe it will soon become a standard because the benefits are just too good. But if it doesn’t convince you, there are many other convenient payment methods hat you can use to make your deposit for your game.

    Minimum Deposits At Pay By Phone Casinos

    Minimum DepositThe minimum deposit that you can make via your phone depends to some extent on the casino. If the casino uses the Boku system to process payments over the phone, then your minimum deposit in a single transaction is 10 CAD.

    However, there are quite a few casinos that accept payments over the phone from a provider other than Boku, and they may allow lower deposits. Due to this variation, you will have to check each casino individually, but it is better to be willing to deposit 10 CAD or more if you are thinking of paying by phone.

    When it comes to maximum amounts, Boku is the leading operator of phone payment services in the industry, and will allow you to deposit up to 30 CAD in one day. You can deposit it in one go, or split the payments but 30 CAD will be the maximum allowed. Other carriers may allow more, but be careful not to lose track of both the number and amount of deposits you’ve made to avoid unpleasant surprises when your phone bill arrives.

    Remember to always check in advance what limits the casino operator, as well as the payment provider, have set for players. This way you will avoid any possible disappointments later!


    Are there any Pay By Phone fees at online casinos?

    No, you can deposit money using your phone for free via the SMS system.

    Can I withdraw money using a Pay By Phone method?

    No, unfortunately not. Only deposits can be made via Pay By Phone.

    How long does it take to process transactions via Pay By Phone methods?

    Deposits are processed instantly and you will be able to play for real money right away.

    Is it safe to use a Pay By Phone method at an online casino?

    It is, of course! You don’t use any financial or personal data and all the processes are completed via SMS - it’s quick, secure and easy!

    What Pay By Phone methods are popular among Canadian players?

    The most popular options are Boku and PayForIt, which you will most of the time find at Canadian online casinos. Zimpler is another well-known method, however, not in Canada yet.

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