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    Online Roulette Variants

    Online Roulette VariantsThe origins of roulette are a bit in the dark and there is a dispute about whether the game was invented in Italy or France, but this should not be relevant to us, because roulette is now the most widespread game of chance in all casinos.

    We usually recommend French roulette, but European roulette is also a good variant. Here, the win rate for the players is namely higher than with American roulette. Roulette is one of the most popular games of chance in every online casino. It’s a classic table game from the casino. Big wins are possible in roulette, especially for players betting on a single number or color.

    If you are looking for the best online roulette games, look out for a virtual casino where you can find European roulette, not just American roulette! In American roulette, which is also known as “double zero” or double zero, a roulette wheel is used with 38 fields – there is also a green “00”. In European roulette with a single zero, there is a wheel on which only 37 fields can be found, the zero is highlighted in green. As there are fewer spaces on the European roulette wheel, your chances of winning increase.

    Let’s summarise the very basics of the different roulette game types:

    The French roulette is probably the best known and most popular roulette variant. It is no different when it comes to online gaming. French roulette is played with the numbers 1-36 and zero. In addition to simple bets, there are numerous other betting options in French Roulette, such as columns, number sequences, rows and transversals. The chances of winning are 97.3%.

    The European roulette is actually nothing more than French roulette – both terms are often used synonymously. The only difference is in the game language. The lettering and the announcements are in English, otherwise, the rules and procedures are identical.

    – By and large, the American roulette is also identical to French or European roulette. The most important difference is made by the double zero, which can be found next to the single zero on the boiler. Since in both cases the entire stake goes to the bank, the chances of winning are reduced to 94.7%. Therefore, American roulette is less popular than its French counterpart.

    Online Roulette Rules

    Online Roulette RulesWhether French, American or European roulette – the roulette rules, the processes and the goal of the roulette game are the same. A roulette table consists of a wheel and a tableau on which bets are placed. The wheel has 37 number compartments (38 in American roulette, as we have already mentioned before), which are alternately red or black. The zero (and the double zero), on the other hand, is green.

    The aim of playing roulette is to predict the number that will fall after the wheel has been spun. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the exact number to predict. There are various betting options available to players in roulette.

    Roulette Bet Types

    A distinction is made in casino roulette inside bets and outside bets. They are named accordingly based on their placement on the tableau. Outside bets can be found on the edge of the tableau. These include betting on red or black, even or odd, and high or low. Outside bets have the highest odds and the lowest wins.

    Inside bets are harder to hit, but the winnings are correspondingly higher. In inside bets, for example, players can bet on the exact number, or on two or four numbers. Bets on columns and dozen are also possible. While the variety of options can be confusing for some inexperienced roulette players, it is not that difficult to quickly understand the roulette rules.

    Roulette Gameplay

    Roulette StrategiesThe game processes at casino roulette are very simple and easy to understand even for beginners:

    • Before each spin of the wheel, players have the opportunity to place their bets. How many bets there are is up to the players within the framework of the table limits.
    • In the live casino and in the local casino, the dealer will at some point throw the ball into the outer lane of the bowl and turn it so that the ball runs in the opposite direction. In the online casino, the player himself decides when the wheel starts to turn.
    • In the live roulette game, the croupier announces when it is no longer possible to bet. Then you have to wait until the ball stays in one of the number slots.
    • After the winning number has fallen, the winning bets are topped up by the respective winnings and left on the table. The other missions are cleared. The players can then decide whether they want to leave the bets or place new bets.

    Roulette Game Strategies

    Roulette Strategy Best Known For
    The Martingale strategyBest Progressive Roulette Strategy
    The Paroli strategyFor Player Win Streaks
    The D’Alembert strategyBest Low Risk Strategy

    First of all – there is no strategy that is 100% profitable and you must remember about it at all times. Roulette is and will remain a game of chance and nobody can influence the wheel. However, that does not mean that certain tactics and procedures cannot significantly improve their chances of winning. Compared to many other games of chance, roulette can be very strategic and successful in the long run. In the course of time, certain roulette tactics have become established, with every passionate player having their own best strategy.

    We give an overview of the three best known and most popular roulette strategies:

    The Martingale strategy

    Especially among beginners, the Martingale strategy is very popular, but also experienced players like to bet on this system. Martingale is easy to understand. Players bet on simple chances, such as red/black, even/odd and 1-18/19-36. If the player is correct with his assessment, he reaps the profit. If not, the stake for this bet is doubled in the next run – until you win. Then it starts all over again.

    If the casinos didn’t intervene, Martingale would be the ideal strategy. One would just have to bet long enough on a simple opportunity that will definitely come sooner or later. However, it looks a little different in practice, because roulette casinos define betting limits so that you don’t even have the chance to bet indefinitely, even if you had a sufficiently high budget.

    The Paroli strategy

    This concept is based on the same principle as Martingale and also works the other way around. While with Martingale the stakes are increased in case of losses, with Paroli the winnings count. Whenever the bet on easy chances is successful, the stake stops. Whenever one is wrong, the original bet amount is wagered again. In advance, the players think about how many winning rounds (Paroli) they want to leave their bets for before they start again with the original bet.

    The D’Alembert strategy

    Again, it is important to bet on simple bets so that the D’Alembert roulette strategy is also well suited for less experienced players. First of all, the player determines the number of chips he wants to bet at the beginning. Whenever a loss occurs, the stake is increased by one. This continues until a winning run occurs again. If you win, the stake is reduced by one. The principle behind the D’Alembert system is that if the player is right as often as wrong, they will always make a profit.


    What are the best Canadian online casinos to play roulette at?

    There are tens, or actually even hundreds of options to choose from! We have prepared a special list for you that features top Canadian roulette operators. Review the recommended sites and pick one, or a few, that suits your preferences.

    Can I play roulette for free?

    You can. Although, not with a live dealer! Check in advance whether the casino of your choice offers this feature to avoid disappointments afterwards.

    Is playing roulette online safe?

    That fully depends on the chosen casino. No online casino is safe or unsafe per se. It is therefore important to pay attention to certain features such as licensing and player protection when choosing a gaming provider. A reputable casino will clearly show its own security and reliability features so that nobody has to search long.

    Can I play roulette in live casino?

    Absolutely! It’s one of the most popular game options in this category and, depending on the operator, you will find plenty of different live roulette tables to choose from.

    Can I play roulette on mobile?

    Yes, you can. More and more Canadian online casinos offer well-optimised roulette game experience for mobile devices. Don’t worry, we list them all here on our site!

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