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We welcome you to! We have made it our goal to collect all the important information about the world of the online gambling market and make it available to you here. There are already a number of online casinos out there and it seems like new ones are being added all the time. Almost every week a new internet casino opens its virtual doors and attracts gambling enthusiasts with great highlights and bonus offers.

    Blackjack is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating and exciting casino games of 2020. The card game combines luck and skill and offers a comprehensive gaming experience, whether in the casino or in blackjack online casinos.

    Here, with us, you can play tens of different variants of the classic casino game and you will also find the top real money blackjack casinos for Canadian players, as well as game instructions, rules, strategies and tips.
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    Why You Should Play Blackjack Online

    BlackjackBlackjack is an exciting and tactical casino game that, if you play flawlessly, gives you better chances of winning than almost any other game of chance. In the online casino in particular, the card game promises you many more advantages.

    There are many advantages to online blackjack:

    • High freedom of choice for the player
    • Good play and experience are rewarded
    • A faultless game can reduce the house edge to as low as 0.2%
    • In the online casino, you can choose from 50 or more variants from all over the world
    • Stakes online from 0.10 CAD to 10,000 CAD
    • You can enjoy a real casino experience thanks to live dealers in live casino

    While blackjack in Canadian casinos is often anything but beginner-friendly, as it often has to be quick and it is difficult to follow the course of the game with the hustle and bustle, playing blackjack online is particularly suitable for beginners. Here you can take all the time in the world to make your decisions or to consult a blackjack table. You can also play with small stakes from 10 cents.

    Blackjack Game Rules

    Blackjack Game RulesThe game and rules of blackjack are very easy to understand. That makes the game very straightforward and fair. Unpredictability and house advantages are not hidden behind show effects. If you make good and well-thought-out decisions, you can consistently win in blackjack.

    In our blackjack guide, we would like to guide you through the principles of this popular game of chance. Beginners will learn all about the rules, the goal and the game of blackjack to get an overview of the basic knowledge.

    The aim of the player is to get as close or exactly as possible to 21 points with his own cards, but without exceeding this total. Then the hand is immediately lost for the player. As a player, you should therefore know exactly what you have to do in the game and what the cards in your hand mean.

    • Up to 6 players can sit at a semicircular game table. The dealer stands in the middle and shuffles the cards.
    • Before the cards are dealt, the player determines his bet.
    • Each player is dealt two cards face up. The dealer also receives two cards, one of which – the second – is dealt face down. There are also variants in which both dealer cards are dealt face down.
    • The dealer now, in turn, asks one player after the other which play he would like to make – draw another card, double up, or insure. We’ll come back to the possible moves later
    • After the round, the dealer calculates his own hand individually with each player hand, announces the winners and distributes the chips accordingly.
    • Everyone can see the cards of the other players. This is not a disadvantage, because every player plays his blackjack game exclusively against the dealer (“against the bank”).

    How To Play Blackjack Online

    Blackjack onlineBlackjack in the online casino is so popular with players because it depends above all on their own skills, not just on luck as with slot machines or roulette. As a so-called “skill game”, players have a certain amount of control so that they can maximise their chances of winning when they play online blackjack or in casinos in Las Vegas.

    Blackjack is easy to learn, but it is difficult to become a real pro. Since you will be playing against experienced players, remember to practice first before playing blackjack online. If you are a beginner at this game, you should practice blackjack online before placing any real bets.

    Anyone who likes to play blackjack knows the situation: the live dealer has just dealt you a card and your hand is now worth fifteen. The dealer himself has only revealed one card and it is a four. What should they do? One more card to take or give up? Instinct might suggest picking up another card in this situation – after all, fifteen is far enough from the deadly twenty-two that would knock you out of the game.

    However, the answer to this situation is not that simple. It is worthwhile to look at how many cards with a value of 10 are actually in a deck. Blackjack is usually played with a number of French decks of cards (typically six-packs). Each deck of cards consists of 52 cards. So chances are sure to get a card with a value of ten certainly relatively low, right?

    Basically, blackjack is a very simple game. The only thing you have to do is get as close to 21 as possible without going over that magical number. Every round starts the same. The dealer deals a card to each player from left to right. He himself is the last to receive his card. In principle, this goes on for as long as the players wish. Of course, the number of these rounds is normally limited to a few, since nobody wants to get over 21 and this number is reached quickly.

    The card values count in each case the numerical value, while the symbols such as jack, queen, king count 10 each. The ace, on the other hand, can count as either 1 or 11, whichever is better for you. Cards are dealt in turn until neither player wants a new card. If you want a new card, please use the technical term HIT to indicate this. If you have received enough cards, you can use STAND to indicate that you do not want any more and that you just wait for all cards to be revealed.

    When all players have received their cards, all – including the dealer – reveal. Players with a card value of more than 21 are eliminated from the game. If you have less than 21, your point value will be calculated as this does not mean that you have lost. The point now is to determine who has the highest card value. If you have the same card value as the dealer, it is a draw and you will usually get your stake back. If you go higher, you win.

    Online Blackjack Glossary

    When you are at the blackjack table, it is important to be familiar with all of the blackjack terminology, especially since online blackjack is such a fast-paced game. Here are some of the most commonly used blackjack expressions you will encounter while playing this timeless, classic casino game:

    – Double down

    A blackjack player has the option to double his bet after receiving the first two cards. This betting strategy can be used to advantage in certain situations. If a player doubles, he is dealt exactly one more card. A betting player in a box (field) can only double if the box owner has also doubled his stake.

    – Insurance

    An insurance bet can be placed when the dealer is dealt an “ace” with the card face up. This is a bet to protect the player in the event the dealer draws a blackjack. If the insurance bet is made and the dealer turns out to have a blackjack, the player wins double the insurance bet. The insurance against a blackjack of the croupier is basically a side bet, the bank advantage with the insurance is about 1/13.

    – Push

    A “push” occurs when both the player and the dealer have the same number of points. In this case, the original bet will be returned to the player and treated as a tie.

    Soft hand

    If you have played online blackjack before, you may have heard the term “soft hand”. A “soft hand” occurs when an “ace” is one of the cards that are dealt in the hand. For example, if a player is dealt “A + 6”, the total value of the hand can be a “7” or a soft “16”. The only reason it’s called a “soft 16” is because the “ace” gives the player the flexibility to choose the total value of the hand.

    – Splits

    When a pair of cards is dealt, the player has the option of splitting that hand, which essentially means that the pair can be split into two parts, creating the luxury of having two hands. However, it is not always advisable to split couples.

    – Stand

    If a “17” is drawn, it is considered a standing hand as the dealer must keep playing until he hits a “17”.


    The player has the option of surrendering to online blackjack. If the player is able to surrender, they will get back part of the original stake, depending on the house rules.


    Does every online casino have a bonus for blackjack?

    No, unfortunately not. In blackjack, stakes do not always count towards the wagering requirements in full or not at all. A good blackjack bonus should ideally have no time limits and contribute the highest possible percentage to the wagering requirements.

    Is the outcome of online blackjack games predetermined?

    To prevent this, there is a random number generator, which must be checked by independent test laboratories. Only blackjack casinos that are in possession of a valid gambling license offer protection against fraud.

    Is there a blackjack strategy that is particularly successful?

    Blackjack is a game of chance. However, there are some blackjack strategies that have become known. This includes the famous blackjack card reading. With any strategy, you should always be aware of the fact that in the end, it is a matter of luck whether you win or lose.

    Where can you play blackjack online?

    There are tens of sites tailored to Canadian players where you can play blackjack. But, instead of using a “hit or miss” strategy, simply rely on our blackjack casino ranking and play at in trustworthy online casinos.

    Can you play online blackjack for free?

    It is possible to play blackjack online for free. However, this requires prior registration in an online casino. Remember that not every operator offers this feature.

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