Know your Right as a Player

Unfortunately, so many online casino players don’t know that the operators owe them an obligation to fulfill certain rights. In other words, online casino operators must fulfill certain duties towards the players. 

    Most often, the players feel that the only obligation that the online gaming platform owes them is to pay their winnings. Interestingly, that’s not all.

    Aside from that, online casino players have some rights too while they engage in gambling online. Read to learn more about your write a player and the online casino operator’s rights too.

    Your Rights When Gambling

    Let’s take a look are some rights that online casino players have over online casino operators:

    • Total transparency about their rules: Online casino operators are supposed to spell out their rules and regulations without hiding or concealing any from the players. Unfortunately, there are so many online casinos that conceal some of their rules. Most often, this trick is used regarding their payment rules. Therefore, always read the online casino’s payment rules and regulations before you proceed with registration.
    • Fair Games: Look out for online casino operators that have trusted software providers on their site. Usually, reliable casino software providers use a technology known as Random Number Generators (RNG) to créate their games. The RNG ensures that there is fairness. In other words, the online casino operator cannot rig or determine the result of a game.
    • Security and Protection of Data: The online casino operator owes you a duty to protect all the data you provide on their platform. If any data you provide to an online casino operator gets into the hands of a third party, you can ask for damages. Online casino operators protect through the use of firewalls and SSL encryptions.
    • Withdraw profits within the terms stipulated by the platform: You are entitled to withdraw your winnings within the terms outlined by the online casino operator. For instance, if the online casino stipulates a certain amount as maximum withdrawal, the online casino operator is not supposed to change it without notifying you.
    • Information about Gambling Addiction: The online casino operator is supposed to let you know about your rights against gambling addiction. For instance, the online casino operators owe players a duty to enlighten them about gambling addiction and also provide remedies.
    • Possibility of making a claim: As an online casino player, you also have a right to make claims against an online casino operator if your rights are infringed.

    A player’s Duties when gambling online

    Players also have responsibilities to fulfill when they are gambling at online gaming platforms. The duties of a player are as follows:

    • Verify your Identity: As a player, you have a responsibility to ensure that the data you provide to an online gaming operator is true and correct. If the identity is fake, the online casino operator may withhold payment of winnings and other benefits.
    • Respect the Rules: Players have a responsibility to obey all the rules and regulations set out by the online casino operator. Failure to do so may attract some punishment.
    • Respect Customer Support: If you need to talk to a customer support agent, then you need to be polite. Players are not supposed to interact with customer support agents rudely.
    • Payments: Players are not supposed to deposit money with another person’s card. Any player that deposits with another person’s debit or credit card will be held liable for damages if the original owner of the debit or credit card claims for damages.

    How to Resolve Conflict with Online Casinos?

    The best way to resolve conflict with online casinos is via their customer support. Therefore, don’t be rude to their customer support. With 24/7 customer support, issues are resolved faster.

    However, if the online casino is not responding, then you can contact the gambling authority. Find out the gambling authority that licensed the online casino you are playing. In most cases, Canadian online casinos are licensed by:

    • Malta Gaming Authority
    • Curacao Gambling Authority
    • Kahnawake Gaming Commission
    • The UK Gambling Commission


    Are Canadian players at risk for prosecution?

    If the Canadian player is playing at a legit online casino, the player doesn’t risk prosecution.

    Why is identity verification so important for online casino sites?

    The identity verification lets them know the real owner of the online casino account.

    What happens if I have a complaint about an online casino?

    If you report the dispute to the regulator that licensed the online casino, there would be measures set up to resolve the dispute.

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