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We welcome you to! We have made it our goal to collect all the important information about the world of the online gambling market and make it available to you here. There are already a number of online casinos out there and it seems like new ones are being added all the time. Almost every week a new internet casino opens its virtual doors and attracts gambling enthusiasts with great highlights and bonus offers.

    What would be an online casino without entertaining games? We are now looking into one of the most important aspects of any virtual gambling operator – a game selection. Learn what games you can play online, what variants of well-known titles you will find online and how to choose them right.
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    Things To Remember About Before Choosing A Casino Game

    Casino games You are probably familiar with the lure for a quick buck. This dream can come true in the casino, but first and foremost it takes luck and a certain amount of perseverance. Remember that comes of anything that quickly! We introduce you to some of the best and most popular casino games you can find online. For this reason we have also prepared an extensive list of casino games that Canadian players can enjoy virtually.

    The game choosing process can be a tricky one. With the plethora of games available, how do we even face this challenge? We recommend that you start by asking yourself a couple of questions.

    • Are the games from trusted providers?
    • Is it a casino that offers reputable games?
    • What house edge does the game have?
    • Is the game only available for real money or as free games for practice?

    In addition to the safety-relevant aspects, fun should, of course, never be neglected. That’s why we looked at some slot games with very exciting themes. These come from different genres, for example from history, from music or often from well-known films.

    Then there are the other games that are on offer in casinos. These include the classic table games such as blackjack and the various types of roulette. Another way to chat and win in the casino is poker, which is also played in many different ways. But, one thing at a time – let’s discover all possibilities step by step.

    Casino Game Variants

    Online Slots3 Reel Slots, 5 reel slots, 3D slots, progressive jackpots etc.
    Table & Card GamesRoulette, Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat
    Other GamesKeno, Scratch tickets, Lotteries, Bingo

    Casino slotsOnline slots 

    Do you remember the good old fruit machines placed nearby any bar in town? You pull your arm and the slot machine pulls the money out of your pocket. Just like in a real casino, you will find the slot machines in the usual online casinos in rows, from numerous different providers and with all kinds of more or less colourful backgrounds.

    Compared to a land-based casino, the chances of winning and the jackpot sums are a little higher. All slots that are offered in physical establishments can now also be displayed digitally – and this with numerous extras that would not be possible in a brick and mortar casino. No wonder why slots have been experiencing the biggest rise in interest among Canadian players!

    Almost all slots these days rely on more than just combinations of three or more of the same symbols. Your experience is continuously enriched by opportunities that increase your profits and, above all, bring a lot of variety into the game. The following are popular:

    • Free spins as a loyalty bonus
    • Extra features to increase winnings
    • Jackpots that can be won through more than one slot

    In the case of a casino game list in the online casino, not only the number of titles is decisive in the area of slot machines. When assessing an online casino, it is also important to us that the game selection is tailored to Canada.

    – Table and card games

    In addition to the slot machines, it is the gaming tables that enjoy enormous importance in any online casino. While slots are a rather recent phenomenon, the gaming tables have been part of casino from the very beginning and go far back in history. Often all it takes is a set of cards or a dice to organise a game that casts a spell over players. Let’s see what card and table games we can find in online casinos


    One of the very oldest games offered in casinos is… roulette. Historically, two types have been varied from, although they are not that different. There is a French and American roulette, which differ only slightly in the number of fields.

    The possibilities offered by technology and the Internet have also meant that many more variants can be made available with other modes of the game. Each casino has its own wide selection of classic and more unusual types of roulette.

    – Blackjack

    As with slots and roulette, the motto for blackjack is that so much more is possible in the online world. You can easily play blackjack with a live dealer who deals the cards in front of a camera. In addition, you can also play purely electronic variants, which in turn are enriched with special game modes and extended winning opportunities.

    The reason why blackjack has been such a popular game for years is a player’s impact on the game. The game is very much based on your decisions and moves and you significantly affect the course of the play.


    In contrast to many other casino games, in poker, you are not only up to your luck, but you can also guide your luck. To do this, you simply have to learn a few rules, tips and tricks. Most poker sites even have tutorials that explain what to look out for. But, don’t worry about it just yet, we have prepared an extensive article about poker to cover all the important aspects of the game.


    Baccarat, also known as Punto Banco, is ideal for those who do not like to memorise thousands of rules and do not feel like awkward or complex side bets and different hands. Baccarat is suitable for players of all skill levels for that matter. The goal in baccarat is to get as close as possible to the highest hand in the game – nine.

    – Other games

    scratchcardsSlots, roulette and blackjack are by no means all that casinos on the Internet have to offer in terms of games. In a number of casinos, you will find poker games where you either compete live against other players on the Internet or simply play against the bank.

    Other, perhaps somewhat less widespread games such as keno or scratchcards can also be found in online casinos. The random number generators developed for the casinos have also made it possible to offer dice games, which we all love so much!

    Tips For Playing Online Casino Games

    We will now show you a few games that are particularly recommended. This could be because they are just particularly popular or because they have features and extras that you cannot find elsewhere.

    So that you don’t lose the overview here, the grouping is again the same as above. So you will find the slots first, then the table games such as roulette and blackjack and finally the other games from the world of casinos on the Internet.

    Winning slots

    The arguments in favour of slots online instead of in the physical casino are quite clear. It is not for nothing that slots are by far the most popular game offerings in all casinos on the Internet. This speaks for that:

    • You are not bound by any opening times
    • You can play on many more machines than in the casino
    • You can enjoy much higher profits online

    The best slot machines on the Internet usually come from the same few providers that are almost always found in the largest casinos. These include Net Entertainment (NetEnt), Play’N GO, Microgaming and Pragmatic Play. One of the highest profit ever recorded from an online slot was almost 18 million euros and was achieved with the Mega Fortune slot from NetEnt – as you can see, it can be both fun and lucrative type of entertainment!

    Also noteworthy are the respective winning quotas for such games. In the case of slots, the term RTP (Return to Player) is used almost at all times. This rate is usually around 60% in an online casino, as this is also where the legal limit is located, which must at least be observed. On the Internet, the operator’s expenses are considerably lower. In addition, more players can take advantage of an offer at the same time. That is why RTP rates of 95% or more are quite common online.

    Hints For Successful Table And Card Games

    Table and Card GamesA rough distinction can be made between two categories of online table games: Some are played entirely over the Internet and have a completely artificial user interface. Others contain a live broadcast, in which a dealer can be seen playing the game in front of the camera. You enter your input such as bet and colour choice and the dealer then gets the ball rolling in roulette, for example. So you have a gaming atmosphere on your computer or on your mobile device almost like in a real casino.

    One of the oldest forms of gambling practised in the casino is roulette. The game, originally developed in France, consists of a ball that is supposed to roll in a rotating bowl onto the square you have selected. The name “Roulette” also goes back to the wheel that was used at the time. After all, most roulette wheels aren’t as big as you’d think. When playing roulette on the internet, there are also a few things to consider:

    • Does your casino offer many variations of roulette games?
    • Can roulette also be played on your mobile devices (tablet, smartphone) if necessary?
    • Can you use the won bonuses for roulette?

    The similar pattern applies to other classic casino games. Pay attention to the broadest possible selection of game variants, the possibilities for using bonuses and the suitability of the respective games for mobile devices. You might want to spend your time playing a game on the go.

    Blackjack is one of those games that are offered online in two different ways. On the one hand, there is the completely artificial user interface, in which you as the player are only connected to one computer, which is used to handle the entire game.

    On the other hand, there are blackjack games where you can see a dealer on the internet who deals the cards and does what the participants want. So you can play blackjack from anywhere, almost like in a real casino.

    How To Best Play Casino Games

    Of course, slots, blackjack and roulette are some of the most popular games in online casinos. But there is often more to discover and maybe after a while, you too want to be offered a change with the same game.

    Card games such as poker are particularly suitable. If it shouldn’t be too complicated and rather fast-paced, then dice games or scratchcards in the virtual form are ideal for you. Thanks to the further developed random number generators, such gimmicks are now also possible online, even if the latter is not necessarily part of the typical offer in a casino.


    Do all Canadian online casinos offer the same games?

    No. Although most of the times, the game selection can be similar on different websites, some operators might or might not, for example, offer jackpot slots or live casino games.

    Can I play all casino games for free?

    No, you can’t. Most of the time you will have a chance to play free Canadian slots, however, live casino games can never be played for free as they require the interaction with a live dealer.

    Are online casino games the same as ones in a physical casino?

    Yes and no. Some of the games are literally the same, simply performed in two various ways. However other game types differ significantly - such as online slots which in online versions are much more advanced.

    Can I play only one casino game at a chosen site?

    Of course. You will never be forced to play multiple games unless you want to. You can always stick to your favourite game and play just that one.

    Are all casino games available on mobile?

    No. Although technology advances as we write this article, some of the games are still not well optimised to be played on mobile devices.

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