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We welcome you to! We have made it our goal to collect all the important information about the world of the online gambling market and make it available to you here. There are already a number of online casinos out there and it seems like new ones are being added all the time. Almost every week a new internet casino opens its virtual doors and attracts gambling enthusiasts with great highlights and bonus offers.

    Do you fancy some quality online poker entertainment? After all, you can find many good ways to play poker online – both in multiplayer mode and in the casino variants. That’s why we are going to show you a few options at this point – so hold onto your hat and off you go!

    Search through the list of the best Canadian online poker operators and play at safe and fun casinos. Improve your game strategies, understand the rules better and win more!
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    Poker Game Variations

    Poker CasinosThis game combines skill, luck and strategy. That’s what makes the game so exciting! There are different types of poker. They differ in terms of the number of cards used, the betting sequence and the gameplay.

    In some poker rules, the highest hand wins while in others it is the lowest. Then again there are split games where both the highest and the lowest hand can win. Below you can read about some of the most popular poker games:

    – Texas Hold ‘Em

    This is the most widespread form of poker – it is played in all major tournaments, this is where big money and glory are up for grabs. Are you ready to reach for the biggest pots of gold with superstars like Gus Hansen, Nguyen and Peter Eastgate? Slide or Fit!

    – Omaha Hi/Lo

    Omaha Hi/Lo, also known as Omaha / 8 or Omaha 8-or-better, is probably the second most popular form of poker. The rules are different from many other games in that players can choose to put together the highest or lowest possible hand. It takes a lot of courage to go for the lowest hand!

    – Five Card Stud

    Five Card Stud is one of the oldest types of poker and probably has its origins in the American Civil War. Five Card Stud is generally less popular, but strangely enough, it is still widely played under the sökö name in Finland. Well, Finland is a pretty strange place too!

    Poker Glossary

    Anyone who deals with online poker for the first time will be overwhelmed by the many new terms and formulations that are used in poker. So, don’t be a rookie anymore, become an expert! Find out what the key poker terms are and how to use them.

    • Action: Action refers to the player whose turn it is next to place a bet.
    • All-in: All-in means that a player puts all of his chips on the hand he is currently playing.
    • Ante: This is the bet that must be made by each player at the beginning of a round.
    • Bluff: It is called a bluff when a player places a bet despite a bad hand.
    • Call: A call is called placing or increasing a bet.
    • Fold: Fold is when a player puts down his hand and loses both the stake and a possible claim to the pot.
    • Fouled Hand: A fouled hand is a hand that is declared void due to a violation of the poker rules.
    • Poker face: With a good poker face, gestures or facial expressions should not reveal anything about the cards.
    • Pot: The pot contains the entire amount of money that players wager during the game.

    Poker Hands

    Poker HandsAnyone who wants to play poker needs to know which poker cards have the greatest value. There are also various combinations that are the same everywhere in poker games. We would like to introduce you to the most important poker hands in this section so that you can memorize and use them for your next game.

    Poker hands from lowest to highest:

    • High Card:Highest card in the game if there are no other combinations. e.g. at: 5,4,2,4 and A, the ace is the high card.
    • Pair:A couple. 5 + 5, 3 + 3, A + A or 4 + 4 etc.
    • Two Pair:Two pairs. e.g .: 3 + 3 and 4 + 4
    • Three: Three ofa kind. e.g.: K + K + K
    • Straight:If 5 poker cards are in a row, the straight . e.g .: 5,6,7,8,9
    • Flush:Five poker cards of the same colour. e.g .: 5 heart cards
    • Full House:A pair and a trip result in a full house. e.g .: 5 + 5 + 5 and 2 + 2
    • Quads:Four poker cards of the same value make up four of a kind. e.g.: Y + Y + Y + J
    • Straight Flush:5 poker cards of the same colour. e.g .: 5 of spades, 6 of spades, 7 of spades, 8 of spades and 10 of spades
    • Royal Flush:Highest cards of a suit. e.g .: Heart 10, Heart J, Heart Q, Heart K and Heart A

    It’s not that difficult to remember the order. Little by little, you will be able to do this in your sleep. When playing video poker and dice poker, you will quickly learn them by heart so that you can switch straight to real poker.

    How To Choose An Online Poker Site

    • It has to be licensed and secure.

    You will only find websites that are safe to play and that have been regulated by an independent regulatory authority.

    All poker sites have legitimate certifications and are 128-bit SSL encrypted (the most secure encryption technology).

    • It has to honestly pay out your winnings.

    Luckily for you, only reliable poker sites that can offer you fast and secure payouts are recommended here.

    • You must have good payment options to choose from.

    You can easily deposit and withdraw funds on the websites found in our list.

    All websites offer a good selection of payment methods and ensure that the bonus offers can be easily used when making a deposit.

    • The offered game variants are tested and trustworthy.

    The games must be provided by the quality and industry-recognised gaming software that will provide you with great gaming experience.

    Advantages Of Playing Poker At Online Casinos

    Poker At Online CasinosThe online casinos are generally enjoying increasing popularity. The most important reasons for this are quickly mentioned: With the best providers you will find a huge selection of games across all categories.

    The providers on the net are always open and there are no waiting times or occupied gaming tables. With a view to the payout rates, online casino advantage over the physical casinos, as the fixed costs are much lower and the online games are almost unlimitedly scalable.

    • Games available 24/7: There are no opening times or public holidays online!
    • Better game selection: Land-based casinos usually don’t have dice games!
    • A larger choice of betting limits: both low stakes and high stakes games available!
    • Comfortably on the go: With a mobile casino you can also play comfortably on the go!
    • Additional promotions: There are new customer bonuses and extra promotions online!
    • Live chat helps with questions: online you can write to support quickly and easily if you have a question!
    • Flexible betting limits: They can suit both casual gamers and high rollers, which clearly constitutes another great benefit.

    In addition, the top online casinos with video poker games offer a maximally fair and safe gaming environment for the use of real money due to their licensing and ongoing technical checks. In addition, after your registration, you can try and get to know most of the games to your heart’s content in free demo versions before you try to win real money.

    After all, the pages of the virtual casinos are now perfectly tailored to the needs of players who want to access them while on the go via a well-optimized mobile casino app.


    Can I play poker with friends and learn the rules?

    Of course, it's best to grab your dice or cards. To get started, we recommend simple methods, such as dice poker or similar to video poker. You draw 5 cards and try to assemble a hand with them. Dice and cards are also ideal on their own to practice with yourself and to memorize the combinations. Get yourself a collection of games, they usually contain everything you need.

    Is poker offered for free in every online casino?

    Unfortunately not everywhere. First, you need to find one that basically offers poker. One would think that it can be found in every casino, but it is not. If poker is offered in the table game area, you will usually find it in the free version. Unless it's the live casino. There are usually no free offers there.

    Can I play video poker without registering in the casino?

    Yes, this is not a problem. In some casinos or on poker game sites, the user can get started without registering. There is also poker on Facebook. Some are available in the App Store. The only disadvantage is that you can't win anything there with real money. For this, you have to register in the real money casino.

    Can I play poker online on my mobile?

    Yes, tens of trustworthy Canadian online casinos offer poker as a mobile game. The rules of the game are the same and the only difference is the size of your device screen!

    Is it legal to play poker online?

    To ensure you play in a safe virtual establishment, you should always make sure the chosen casino holds a valid iGaming licence. Refer to our list of trusted and secure Canadian casinos, so that you can safely play poker online for real money.


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